We understand operations and processes across a broad range of industries. That's because we've worked in those businesses.

Combine that first-hand knowledge with deep understanding of technology, and you'll see how Affinity can create a high-impact, custom-fit solution to meet your business goals.

Here are some examples of Affinity in action.

Merger integration project management Two well-known brand companies set up a joint venture. Affinity spearheaded the merger of the two companies' US operations, rationalize their brand portfolio, and streamline distribution. Result: Dramatically reduced operating costs.

Agency management system development A leading insurance company set a strategy of sustained growth by acquisition, but its enterprise software couldn't keep up. Affinity developed a custom agency management system to turn the business plan into reality.

Business performance management Due to an impending merger, a major consumer products company needed to rationalize key business systems. Affinity evaluated systems for performance and risk to create a stronger portfolio.

ERP analysis A process manufacturer anticipated changing market conditions to favor more flexible manufacturing practices. Affinity analyzed long-term solutions to handle smaller lot sizes and leaner inventories, supporting projected company growth and operational requirements.

Printer consolidation A recreational vehicle company reduced printing costs by $1M. Affinity introduced streamlined processes, centralized management, and innovative methods for managing spare units and parts.

Regulatory compliance and quality improvement A global healthcare company faced demanding regulatory requirements in its healthcare products division, triggered by product quality issues including a number of Medical Device Reports. Affinity developed a comprehensive program including a quality management plan, a risk measurement and management process, and validation and testing templates. This effort yielded rapid resolution of key issues and a framework for ongoing improvement.

Telephony strategy and implementation A company faced a critical business choice of upgrading or replacing a traditional PBX telephony system. Affinity guided the evaluation and implementation process, yielding significant cost reductions and operational improvements - while maintaining end-user productivity and satisfaction.