Demand Management

Demand Management

Is your organization running at an unsustainable pace in trying to meet business demand?

Do all of your stakeholders have a common understanding of what your organization is and purposely isn’t working on based on relative priorities?

Demand Management is the process where work is requested of an org, and decisions must be made around what does and doesn’t get done, when, and by whom.  That org could be an entire IT department, an entire business department (ex – marketing, legal), or a particular team (ex – web developers, project managers), etc.

Regardless of whether or not your organization has enough of the right resources, the first remedy generally shouldn’t be “get more people so you can do more work”.  Rather, that first step should be for your organization to get in control of what work is and isn’t done in a way that facilitates a common understanding across process participants.

The key to reaping the benefits of Demand Management lies in designing a process that is sustainable, which is a function of whether or not it is right-sized in its design, and mobilized by an effective Adoption Plan.  This is where we, at Affinity, shine – it is our approach that sets us apart.  Our highly collaborative style of working “shoulder to shoulder” with our Clients allows us to craft a balanced Demand Management solution that will neither slow you down with too much of the wrong process rigor, nor create unpleasant surprises by being too “light”. 

Right now, Demand Management is a hot topic in our markets.  Interestingly, a challenge we occasionally see is that Clients who need Demand Management the most are so overcome with attempting to meet demand, that they can’t get “above water” long enough to do a Demand Management implementation project!  However, those that do recognize and take the step towards right-sized Demand Management have a fantastic Future State ahead of them….let Affinity build your program today so you can take back control tomorrow!