Program Management

Program Management

Individual IT projects can be daunting enough. Juggling multiple projects can put a strain on even the best departments. But that's exactly what business initiatives require. Affinity Program Management cuts through confusion by maintaining clear focus on business goals.

For example: A single business mandate – "improve the customer experience" – may entail numerous individual projects: rebuild the website, upgrade call center systems, streamline and automate training processes, and more.

Our Program Management service will identify interdependencies between these projects, streamline process change efforts, and schedule resources against competing work requirements. We also help design effective communication to business stakeholders to keep projects on scope and manage the impact of necessary changes. The end result is delivery of more benefit than the sum of the individual projects.

Bring all your IT resources to bear on critical business goals with Affinity Program Management.


Methodologies and standards

  • ITIL
  • CMM
  • Six Sigma


  • Microsoft EPM
  • CA Clarity
  • HP PPM
  • Compuware ChangePoint
  • PlanView